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beach cruiser bikes

In 1977, McNeely registered the trademark California Beach Cruiser, and Schwinn quickly followed with their own version. Huffy also caught on to the Californian wave, and some of their original models are still available today. Here are a few more facts about beach cruiser bikes. You can buy one today for less than $400! And if you’re in the market for a new beach cruiser bike, don’t forget to check out our buyer’s guide to find the best one for you!

Beach Cruiser Bikes Are Typically Heavy

Beach cruisers come in a wide variety of styles. Some are unisex, and others are gender specific. Beach cruiser bikes are sized by wheel diameter, with larger wheels for taller people and smaller ones for shorter riders. While the frame of the bike is fixed, the handlebars are adjustable. Many models feature fenders, so you can add one if you want. While the design of beach cruisers varies, the basic style is essentially the same.

While beach cruiser bikes are typically heavy, they’re not designed to take on the rugged terrain that awaits them. Pedal assist helps make the ride more convenient, but it also means that you’ll be able to go longer and further on your beach day! With a pedal assist, you can even ride home earlier! One disadvantage to these bikes is that they’re slow to start, so don’t expect to sprint! Luckily, e-cruisers are available. These bikes are class 1 bicycles with an average speed of 20 mph, and some even go as high as 28 mph!

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